About OUR Products

Most of our lithium batteries have a guaranteed cycle life of 5000 cycles @ 80% DoD per cycle.
This means that you can now own batteries which can be discharged down to 20% state-of-charge
and then recharged again for a guaranteed 5000 times every day without needing replacement.
At one cycle per day, this amounts to a guaranteed service life of 5000 / 365.25 > 13.6 years.


Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is part of the lithium-ion family of battery chemistries.
Although LiFePO4 has an average energy density within the Li-ion family, LiFePO4 batteries
still hold 3 x the amount of usable energy than lead acid batteries of the same volume.
Furthermore, LiFePO4 has a charge efficiency of 96-98% compared to lead acid’s average 67%.

LiFePO4 batteries are 100% recyclable and do not contain cobalt found in higher energy density
cellphone & laptop Li-ion batteries.

MPS | Mobile Power Series

Our Mobile Power Series has been developed for seamless swap-out of 12V & 24V lead acid batteries in most existing applications. MPS batteries are high-quality, light and ultra-reliable solutions to powering home & business security systems (gate motors, alarm systems) and also widely used among outdoor & 4x4 enthusiasts in secondary (standby) vehicle applications and for powering camping equipment.

BP/DU | RacPower Batteries

Our 48V-compatible RacPower batteries were originally developed for installation in 19 inch server cabinets to support businesses in the telecommunications and other industries, but have since become very popular in residential & commercial sectors as well. Although the BMS integrated in these batteries prevents series configurations, it does allow for up to 9 x batteries to be installed in parallel, amounting to a total capacity of more than 46kWh in any single system.

HC | High Current Series

Originating from BlueNova's very first LiFePO4 prototypes, our High Current Series collectively represents 8 years of continued product innovation & improvements (as of July 2023). High Current Series batteries are fitted with our proprietary BMMC battery management system for serial communication compatibility with inverters & peripheral devices of world-leading manufacturers. HC Series batteries also feature MultiCap technology, allowing for parallel configurations of batteries with differing capacities.

HV | High Voltage Series

BlueNova's most extensive product range (as of 2023) consisting of 12 x batteries & ranging in capacity from 44~218kWh. Manufactured only with premium grade 105Ah/280Ah LiFePO4 cells & integrated with our proprietary BMMC battery management electronics, HV Series batteries are compatible by design with high voltage peripherals of world-leading manufacturers.

iESS | Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions

Our flagship product range. BlueNova's Intelligent Energy Storage Systems are designed & manufactured to meet the unique individual requirements of each deployment. The core components of each iESS consists of a high voltage LiFePO4 battery bank & communication-compatible high voltage inverter. Supporting components include fire suppression, temperature regulation, remote monitoring and access control systems, all of which are integrated in one or more 6m/12m shipping containers. iESS systems can be configured for a wide range of applications & be deployed in virtually any location accessible by truck.

BMAC | Battery Monitor and Control

BMAC modules are applied in systems to provide interface compatibility between select BlueNova batteries and compatible peripheral devices in such systems.

BR | Battery Rack Series

Our Battery Rack Series consists of only 2 x products, each established in our efforts to develop alternatives to the bulky single enclosure format of large capacity 52V HC Series batteries. The 2 x BR Series batteries in this range resulted from the modular reconfiguration of 43.6kWh & 58.2kWh HC Series batteries respectively. Although significantly different in appearance & structural composition to their HC equivalents, overall performance remained on par (to the extent of matching 10 year product warranties).

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