LiFeYPO4 batteries now offer more than 5000 cycles at more than 80% DoD. This means you can now acquire a battery that you can charge and discharge daily for more than 10years without replacement. LiFeYPO4 batteries deliver even more storage when environmental temperatures rise to 35 degrees C.

The energy density is of the LiFeYPO4 battery is more than 3 times that of Lead Acid batteries which make these batteries ultra-light and compact.

Transfer efficiencies of more than 96% implies that you lose less than 4% of the energy inputs from precious sources as solar panels and generators. These means less solar panels and fuel for the same output energy. Traditional Lead Acid batteries lose more than 30% of the available energy.

Markets such as residential storage, industrial storage, automotive and recreational markets benefit greatly from the added benefits of LiFeYPO4 technology.

LiFeYPO4 batteries has extensively been tested for safety considerations and have passed those test without any failures. These batteries are now considered the safest Li-Ion technology today.

Custom Battery Solutions

BlueNova provides their customers with 3D-design of battery solutions. The battery packs incorporates BlueNova’s patented Battery Management & Control (BMAC) technology. This technology ensure that the battery is optimally utilised to ensure 100% power availability and an extended life cycle.

We offer an in-house design capability for low and high volume production requirements. These services are offered to customers in renewable energy markets, electric vehicles projects, industrial applications and the world of leisure.