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Continued innovation

BlueNova is committed to advancing sustainable renewable energy solutions, now and into the future, through our collective effort towards continued innovation. This is the defining factor that sets us apart from our peers.

Our Products


BlueNova supplies energy storage solutions to energy industry professionals. Our collective product offering mostly consists of batteries (but also pre-configured battery systems, as well as supporting electronic devices) currently centered around, but not necessarily limited to, the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry.

WHY Choose BlueNOVA?

BlueNova offers premium quality lithium iron phosphate cells merged with intelligent battery management systems to provide resilient energy storage solutions for the modern world. Apart from their high performance, longevity and durability, our products are also designed to be compatible with the inverters, chargers and other relevant peripheral devices supplied by world-leading manufacturers, to deliver long-term value & peace of mind to its owners, guaranteed.

What bluenova offers

Trade with us directly

Do you own or work for a company that installs, distributes or provides other services associated with energy storage products? Are you interested in joining our valued client collective as a supplier of our products? If so, then please proceed as follows:

– Click on the button below to access our online registration form.

– Complete & submit the form for approval. One of our sales representatives will be automatically notified to evaluate this submission.

Upon approval, an automated email will be sent automatically to the email address provided during your registration, which will include the contact details of your newly-assigned BlueNova sales representative as well as our latest price list and accompanying guidelines for trading with us.

Training & support

Our Product Knowledge Training initiative consists of a series of 1-hour webinar sessions. We focus on a single product range per session every 2 weeks, with the aim of providing attendees with a firmer overall understanding of the specific product range. This is an ongoing service that we gratefully provide to our entire valued partner collective. Attendance is optional & free of charge.

The elevated risks inherent in high voltage systems require a more intensive approach to training. Our HV Training sessions are therefore presented in person by one of our qualified engineers (either at our main Somerset West facilities or Centurion branch). Prospective attendees should have the necessary prerequisite experience to apply.


BlueNova’s entire business model is centered around the wholesale supply of our products to suitably qualified professionals in the energy industry. This not only maximises the distribution footprint of our products to the entire Southern African region & beyond, but also ensures that they will be installed safely and correctly by qualified experienced hands.

Even though we don’t supply our products directly to members of the general public, we would be happy to refer your enquiries to one or more BlueNova-approved partner companies that may be located in your proximity. For such referrals, please send an email to sales@bluenova.co.za with a description of your requirements and remember to specify your city/town of residence.

Alternatively, click on the button below to view a map populated with the locations & contact details of some of our industry partners.