BMAC | Battery Monitor and Control

BMAC Live Monitoring Platform

Real-time remote monitoring is one of the key features enabled with the inclusion of BMAC modules in compatible systems. On-site requirements include an internet-connected Wifi access point within range of the installation & completion of the relevant setup procedures. Performance & health variables of BlueNova batteries and select peripherals (real-time as well as historical data) would then be accessible by logging in to the live web platform.


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Our proprietary BMAC (Battery Monitor and Control) modules have been developed to provide extended supportive functionalities in systems containing one or more BMAC-compatible BlueNova batteries. The latest standard version BMAC pictured above is rated for integration in up to 48VDC architectures, to either establish or improve existing functionalities.




Our HV BMAC modules operate on the same principles & include the same functionalities as those of the standard versions described above, except for being compatible with high voltage architectures & components.