iESS | Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions

Intelligent Energy Storage Systems

BlueNova’s Intelligent Energy Storage Systems are fully integrated turnkey containerised systems which can be deployed in a variety of applications. The core components of each iESS consists of a high voltage LiFePO4 battery configuration coupled with a high voltage inverter assembly. Other key integrated subsystems included in iESS solutions include:

– Heating, ventilation & air conditioning.
– Personalised access control & security.
– Automated fire suppression.
– Remote monitoring.


Each iESS system is custom-designed in order to meet the exact performance & operational requirements of its intended site of deployment. Production of each iESS only commences once all these requirements have been clearly established & agreed upon during the design phase. The modular layout and inherent parallel compatibility of BlueNova HV Series batteries ensure that capacity requirements of virtually any size can be met – even if this would require installing several 6m/12m containers on site to work in unison. The same applies in principle to the world-leading HV inverters that we pair with our HV batteries in iESS systems. Integrated with the other supporting subsystems mentioned in the previous section, each new iESS is a truly flexible plug & play solution to meet even the most demanding set of requirements.

Popular applications for which iESS systems have been deployed to-date, include:

– MegaWatt scale backup / standby applications.
– Automated peak shaving / load shifting systems.
– Energy arbitrage projects & mini-grid support.
– Grid stabilisation / power factor correction.