BlueNova MultiCap™ Technology is finally here!

Here at BlueNova, we can consistently reviewing the needs of our clients, to uncover how innovation can bring about a more flexible and progressive solution to issues faced within the industry.

In May this year, we launched an elegant and flexible product to solve the problems associated with the multi-string approached to battery connection. Multicap™ is a firmware-based solution that manages the performance of parallel-connected BlueNova batteries and allows for continued performance even when using batteries of varying capacities.

MultiCap™ literally means “multi-capacity”. Our innovative system allows for the unit to increase capacity in increments according to your needs and budgets, without any compromise to efficiency.

Before Multicap™, the only way by which battery capacity could be increased, without effecting inverter/charger compatibility, was to add a second cell string in parallel. This method ensured that the battery voltage remains the same, but the capacity doubled in size – but what if the required capacity increase doesn’t call for double?

MultiCap™ functionality removes any concerns with sizing, as well as budget. If you’re unsure of whether a 12kWh battery will be sufficient, or if you should rather install a 16kWh, simply start with a 12kWh and add 4kWh at a later stage, if necessary.

MultiCap™ can solve a range of scenarios customers are facing. Exact sized capacities can now be matched, without unnecessary cost. For example, if a 20kWh capacity is needed, which is not available in the market, the load can be made up through coupling a 16 kWh with a 4 kWh to match the exact specifications. This will prevent the customer from ever overpaying for a too-large system.

When budget allows for only one battery installation to cover needs, with the plan to install a further battery at some point in the future, the main concern becomes the degradation (or fade) the original battery undergoes while in use. With our technology, we can ensure the parallel connection of BlueNova batteries, regardless of age difference.  The lifespan of our lithium batteries means additions can be made years after the original installation.

In each scenario, the load is shared in proportion to the individual capacities, ensuring even distribution and fade over the lifespan of the system.

In the world of lead acid batteries, this was never possible. Due to the internal impedance of lead acid batteries, the load would never be shared equally. It is the internal impedance of our lithium ion batteries that makes it possible to place them in a parallel system like Multicap™.

BlueNova is the only supplier in South Africa with this unique solution. Contact your BlueNova representative to find out how MultiCap™ can transform your needs.

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