Although BlueNova was officially founded in July 2015, it originated as an idea, not yet named, months before this date, when the company’s eventual co-founder and (still) CEO, James Verster, decided to conduct extensive research on the continued availability of utility-supplied energy in South Africa. Since all resulting projections of this research pointed towards an inevitable continued decline in grid reliability, Verster immediately decided to embark on an international search for reliable suppliers of high performance storage components suitable for the South African environment. Following numerous visits to the largest production facilities in China – the world’s leading exporter of lithium-ion components by volume – lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) was finally identified as the optimum chemistry to be introduced to Southern African environments, based on its high power output, ultra-efficient charge/discharge capability, temperature resilience & inherent safety characteristics.

The first premium-grade LiFePO4 cells to land on South African shores quickly re-emerged (from a humble makeshift workshop at the time) in the form of the first 48V-compatible BlueNova LiFePO4 prototype battery, followed soon after by the first production units officially sold – each supplied with a 10 year warranty.
Eight years later (as of June 2023), the products supplied in these initial batches have been confirmed to still be operational in accordance with our original specifications, and all associated warranties remain unclaimed.

Trading as BlueNova from the start, the company was officially founded in July 2015 under the original registered name of Solguard (Pty) Ltd. Thanks in no small part to a perpetual increase in local demand for alternative solutions to the deteriorating supply of grid-supplied energy, as well as the support of a growing number of skilled industry professionals signing up to install our products, a firm foothold was soon established within the local energy sector.

In August 2019, BlueNova joined the JSE-listed Reunert group of companies – a milestone marked by the update of our officially registered name to the more corresponding current version of Blue Nova Energy (Pty) Ltd. In January 2023, BlueNova’s headquarters were re-established upon the occupation of our newly-constructed facilities in Firgrove Industrial Estate near Somerset West. At the same time, our Gauteng branch also relocated to a new address in Centurion.

Apart from manufacturing solutions centered around the LiFePO4 electrochemistry, BlueNova also develops & supplies supporting electronic components, such as our proprietary BMMC battery management system and BMAC (battery management & control) module. These innovative solutions currently allow us to:

– implement charge, discharge & cell balancing protocols specifically calibrated towards our products
– include specific auto-protective countermeasures against adverse operation & abuse
– remotely monitor system health & performance variables (and, by extension, provide improved technical support)

BlueNova remains committed to the ongoing development & sustainable production of modern ultra-efficient energy systems. To this end, our products are designed to be of maximum benefit to humanity which, by extension, fundamentally includes the natural environment that ultimately sustains all known life on our unique planet.

Company group Values

BlueNova proudly subscribes to the values upheld throughout the Reunert group of companies:

Executive team

Executive Director

James Verster

Acting Managing Director

Nico de Bruyn

Chief Sales Officer

Anré Swart

Chief Financial Officer

Gareth Pietersen

Chief Technology Officer

Carl Kies


We support the global renewable energy industry through innovation and reliable technology by developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly, sustainable and affordable energy storage solutions.